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i want to set on fire






Written in the Bones. New comic, written by Christopher M. Jones & illustrated by Carey Pietsch.

I’m hoping to have printed copies of this at MOCCA, ABPCC, and TCAF this spring, and SPX in the fall! More info to come.

Me and Carey worked really hard on this comic; if you got something from it I’d love for you to reblog it, and maybe even buy a copy from Carey when she’s in town or even if she’s not. Thanks so much for reading. 

What the heck dog feelings ;(

This is almost as bad as when I read We3 in one sitting

Oh god my soul is bleeding

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We have one measuring cup in this apartment and my roommate has decided to use it as a bowl and keep it in her bedroom. Who fucking does that?

I need it and the bitch isn’t home and I’m expressly forbidden from entering her room even though it’s my measuring cup. She’s so fucking rude, why do I still have two months left on my lease.



Joe Biden.

When I’m vice president, this will be my demeanor.



Joe Biden.

When I’m vice president, this will be my demeanor.

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college was so useful

i can’t even get a job as a part time front desk person

this is so draining, i hate it so much

New research shows 0.6% of rape allegations are false.

and for those interested, you can find the report HERE

Just in case any dudebros are unclear on what this means: it means that your buddy who totally just had some bitch trying to ruin his life by accusing him of rape…almost certainly actually did rape her.  

Just keep that in mind.

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Reblog if you’ve ever listened to music or if you are a serial killer


should i reblog twice or would that be weird?

job searching is just the most mind-numbing, energy-draining, makes-you-regret-every-decision-you’ve-ever-made thing.